Car loan despite probationary period


The journeyman’s exam is done. The interview was successful, now life can begin. The joy of the dream job received only clouds the long trial period. If you finally get your own car, the first thing you can do is not enough. To get a car, you have to get credit.

In the probationary period a loan?

In the probationary period a loan?


As a rule, the first way leads to the bank. Here one is often a customer for years and has next to his checking account maybe even a savings. So a consultation is agreed. The first salary certificates are available, but when it comes to getting a car loan despite the probationary period, then the banks often wave the bill. The reason is often in the probationary period. Only after a firm attitude, the bank has a certainty that the requested loan can be served on time.

Of course, it is possible to offer the bank a guarantor for this loan.

Unfortunately, the banks then often grant the requested loan too much interest and justify this with the increased default risk. Who wants to get a car loan despite a probationary period on relatively favorable terms, the better turns to a car bank.

The bank is usually a state-owned or private company that generates profits, inter alia, by lending money over interest. With a pure bank this profit striving over the interest does not come first. The pure bank is a bank, which has devoted itself without exception to the financing of vehicles. This institution was created by leading vehicle brands to boost sales.

Of course, the bank wants to get the money back and also requires a security deposit. But unlike a bank, which demands collateral in the form of savings or life insurance in addition to a permanent appointment, the bank retains the vehicle registration of the vehicle until the loan is repaid.

For the bank is therefore always a recoverable assets available even in the event of default of the loan customer by pledging the car letter. The question of whether a car loan can be granted despite the trial period is thus not for the bank. Furthermore, auto banks often offer interest rates for new car purchases, which are not available when financing via the bank.

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