Payday Loans: the complete guide




In detail, the payday loan offers an amount up to € 100,000 to carry out an important personal or family project; this sum can be repaid in a maximum of 12 months, with fixed and personalized fixed rate installments, agreed on the basis of the effective repayment capacity of the debtor.
The same type of payday loan is also available at a variable rate , in order to take advantage of any positive market trends for its own benefit. Thanks to this option, the installment may decrease based on the trend of the reference rate but, attention, could also increase with the rise of the reference parameter. It is therefore indicated to those who can cope with a possible increase in the installment.
A good compromise between the tranquility of the fixed rate and the advantages of the variable rate consists of payday loan providers Variable Rate payday loan, which provides for a variable interest rate, but which in any case can not exceed the maximum ceiling set in the contract .

Payday loans for employees, all the features

Among the payday loans there are two financial products designed for employees. The first is designed for employees of private companies of any size. Among the characteristics of this payday loan for employees there are an amount up to 100,000 euros, a maximum duration of 120 months and the advantages of the fixed rate. The installment, in addition to being studied according to the possibilities of the applicant, can be postponed or suspended in case of difficulty.
The payday loan for Public Employees offers the same characteristics, but with some solutions specifically designed for employees and public pensioners.

Payday loans for students, three different solutions

payday loan providers offers three types of payday loans for young students :

  • payday loan providers Scuola Più payday loan : it is dedicated to the financing of all expenses related to the school world, from training courses to the purchase of multimedia tools. The amount disbursed ranges from 500 to 3,000 euros, to be repaid in a maximum of 12 months
  • payday loans Futuriamo : this is a fixed-rate payday loan, with a maximum amount of 20,000 euros to be repaid over a period of time that can reach 120 months. You can finance courses of university studies or masters. In this case, students must present guarantees deemed appropriate by the bank.
  • payday loan Discount and payday loan : the maximum sum that can be obtained is 20,000 euros, while the payday loan lasts 120 months. Its particularity is a “rewarding” fixed rate, which can vary according to the applicant’s university average.

Payday loan for energy efficiency, for a green home

Thanks to the payday loan providers  Families Funding can be provided up to 100,000 euros, financing 100% of the expenses related to the energy efficiency of the home, also benefiting from existing tax breaks. Among the interventions financed there are, for example, the installation of new boilers or solar panels and the replacement of the fixtures; to facilitate the project, the bank itself provides a free energy check-up to quantify the possible economic benefits of energy improvement.

Payday loan for sport, features

Payday loan for sport, features

payday loan providers also meets the needs of sportsmen with the payday loan providers Sport payday loan , which gives the opportunity to buy sports equipment, to enroll in the gym, to participate in a sports course and, in general, to cover all expenses, sometimes even important, related to the practice of a sport. The amount disbursed ranges from 500 to 3,000 euros, to be repaid in up to 12 months with a fixed promotional rate and a custom rate calculated on the basis of the financial possibilities of the applicant; there are also no preliminary investigation costs.
The payday loan dedicated to sports enthusiasts proposed by payday loan providers is the result of a collaboration between the credit institution and was created to facilitate the dissemination and practice of sport in Italy.

Payday loans for the social sector, how the payday loan works

Payday loans for the social sector, how the payday loan works

payday loan providers’s social payday loan , or the loan providers payday loan, has been designed and developed in collaboration with the association – and is intended to help aspiring parents to bear the costs of international adoption practices. It is a concrete help and really very important for all those who have undertaken this path, simple to request thanks to the fact that it is sufficient to present an identity document, an income document and the attestation of suitab  ility. The sum disbursed can be repaid in a maximum of 120 months with a flexible rate, a flexible repayment plan and an investigation that does not involve expenses. In addition, a special insurance policy protects the applicants in case of illness or unforeseen events, paying the installments for them.

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