Unemployment payday loan without guarantor


Unemployment payday loan is a popular name for a payday loan to an unemployed borrower. Defined as unemployment is the absence of paid employment of more than fifteen hours per week, provided that the person concerned registers with the employment office as seeking employment and is in principle capable of starting work.

The remark collects data on the creditworthiness of consumers as a credit protection association. A guarantor is liable for the repayment of a payday loan as soon as the actual borrower is unable to do so. With a few exceptions, payday loans are connected with a remark statement and a registration of the borrowing in the remark documents. Without remark is a payday loan, if the lender does not catch up with remark information nor announce the lending. A guarantor facilitates borrowing if the borrower has a low income.

How can unemployed people take out a debt-free payday loan without a guarantor?

How can unemployed people take out a debt-free payday loan without a guarantor?

The widespread borrowing without remark via Swiss financial institutions is not available to the unemployed, as the Swiss banks require a significantly higher minimum income for the payday loan approval than financial institutions and also a fixed employment relationship. The easiest way to apply for an unemployment payday loan without guarantor and without remark by shopping in the mail order and choose as a payment option, the installment.

The prerequisite is, however, that an orderer is registered with the mail order company as an existing customer, because prior to the first delivery on account, the collection of a remark information is common. The notification of an agreed installment payment to the remark is almost always omitted. Furthermore, the pawnbroking offers itself as an unemployed payday loan without guarantor and without remark, since the deposit to be deposited serves as sole collateral.

The payday loan of a life insurance or a pension insurance is basically possible as an unemployment payday loan without guarantor and without remark, as the borrower leases his own claims to the insurance company. However, state-subsidized insurance contracts such as the Riester pension are excluded, as their lending leads to a subsequent loss of subsidies.

When does the office help?

The provider offers the simplest unemployment payday loan without guarantor and without remark. Prerequisite for the payday loan approval by the Office is that the unemployed person needs the money for urgently needed purchases. The unemployed recipient does not have to pay any interest on the payday loan, the repayment will be made in small installments with the next payouts of the unemployment benefit II. Anyone receiving unemployment benefit I without an increase through Hartz IV will receive a payday loan for the purchase of household appliances only in exceptional cases.

For every unemployed person it is possible to borrow from the Employment Agency if the money is needed to start a new job. In this case, the necessary relocation applies as well as the necessary purchase of a used car, provided the workplace can not be reached by public transport at the scheduled working hours.

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